Top 10 Best & Free WordPress Themes (2019)

Themes give you the basic design guidelines for your Website. Starting out in WordPress is much easier when you have an example to work from.


00:00 – Intro
00:26 – What are Themes and Plugins?
00:42 – The WordPress Community (Support)
01:38 – About Free/Paid Themes and Plugins
01:50 – WordPress Marketplace
02:34 – Aside – Top 10 Free WordPress Themes
03:22 – 1 Airi
03:43 – 2 Elemento
04:02 – 3 Fagri
04:28 – 4 Hestia
05:05 – 5 OceanWP
05:43 – 6 Optimizer
06:04 – 7 Phlox
06:25 – 8 Rara Business
06:49 – 9 Sidney
07:14 – 10 Zerif Lite

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On this video, I show you 10 Free Themes or Free versions of Themes that are great to get started with your website. This is from a list of 25 Themes that I reviewed, these are the top ten.

For me, WordPress is the best solution to have a website for a business, a blog, an e-shop or basically anything you want to have online that doesn’t require special apps or widgets that need to be hand built. On this series, I’ll show you everything you need to know and do to set up a WordPress website.


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