#277-WP-Tonic Wednesday Show We Discuss The Best WordPress Membership Plugins

This week on the WP-Tonic podcast, our guest had to reschedule because she was sick, so Jonathan Denwood and Kim Shivler spoke about Membership Websites. In the past, the two broke down requirements for planning and implementing a WordPress Learning Management System. In this episode, they applies the same format to discuss requirements for planning and implementing a WordPress Membership Website.

The discussion covered several popular WordPress membership plugins including MemberPress and Paid Memberships Pro pointing out the features of the different plugins and focused on the importance of proper planning to make sure you select the right plugin for your requirements.

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During the show, Kim warned about issues with moving from one membership plugin to another, and said you can’t migrate subscriptions. To clarify, there are times when migration is possible for users and subscriptions between plugins depending on the plugins and the specific subscription configurations. In the cases she sited, this was not possible.

You can go here to see all the links and full set of show notes!


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