DIY Sales Funnel #3 Build Your Membership Area & Course Delivery Pages w/ Thrive Apprentice Feature

Learn how to create a membership area and turn your site into a course delivery system with the thrive apprentice feature.

This is part 3 in an ongoing series of ‘How to create a Do It Yourself Sales Funnel’ to help you save money and time by avoiding the trap of Clickfunnels or Leadpages.

You will learn how to create a wordpress sales funnel in just a couple hours, with me taking you by the hand and showing you step by step what to do.

This is the best Click Funnels alternative which is described in greater detail, here:

For part 1, how to install WordPress, your Theme and to build the basic sales funnel, view this video:

For part 2, where we customize your sales funnel and begin content marketing view this video:

In this video, we dig deep into the thrive themes apprentice feature which is awesome.

In part 4 you will learn how to take what you create here in this video and ‘protect it’ so that it is a secure product delivery area or membership area… You will also learn how to setup your shopping cart and products so you can ‘sell’ your product, service or membership.

Get part 4 of the DIY sales funnel video series here:

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This feature allows you to create a separate product delivery area, course area or membership area that is completely separate from your sales funnel and your content marketing efforts.

This is one of the biggest reasons Thrive Themes stands out leaps and bounds above their competition in the WordPress sales funnel theme world.

If you don’t have Thrive Themes set up yet, check out this series on how powerful Thrive is to create a WordPress funnel:

In the next video, we will look at the different shopping cart options and membership plugins or product delivery plugins to help you find the best one for your needs.

The ultimate goal here is to help you put together a complete sales funnel that you can run Facebook advertising to, in order to generate leads and sales online.

This funnel will save up to $3200 per year compared to Click Funnels and I would rather see you invest that money into Facebook PPC ads than dump it down the drain on a buggy, overpriced software that would pay big commissions if I recommended it.

This is why all the fake gurus out there are promoting ClickFunnels… Not because it is a superior sales funnel solution (although their marketing says it is)…

But because they earn 40% recurring affiliate commissions.

This is the joy of me already having a successful business online… I don’t need to ‘make money’ off of you so I can recommend the highest quality sales funnel solution to you even if that means I will miss out on over $1000 per year in income.

Too many fake ass gurus out there touting sub-par software just for the commissions…

This shows you exactly the sales funnel software and exactly step-by-step how-to set it all up in a couple hours.

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