Expert and Members Directory Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds

The WordPress Excellent Expert Directory plugin by CreativeMinds allows you to build an embedded expert or member discovery catalog on your WordPress website.

This WordPress Excellent Expert and Member Directory plugin makes it easy to start any kind of a curated expert list or company directory and include it anywhere on your WordPress site.

The expert directory plugin also creates an expert dashboard manager to keep track of all expert information.

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The expert directory let’s you filter the experts using several filters including: free text search, category filtering, tags filtering, area of expertise filtering, services filtering and supported language filtering.

The Expert Directory Plugin is a perfect solution for building an expert or member directory for academic institutes, organizations and companies. You can also change all labels included in the plugin to reflect your own language or terminology

The plugin includes customization options which allow you to add custom fields and links to the expert page listing.
For more information please visit the product page:

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