How To Build Your Membership Site From Scratch (Thrive Themes Apprentice For Beginners)

In this in-depth tutorial you’ll get everything you need to create your own membership website using one of the best membership plugins for WordPress, Thrive Themes Apprentice.

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Table of Contents:
0:08 – Intro
0:37 – User’s Interface (FrontEnd)
1:49 – Your Dashboard (BackEnd)
2:15 – Template Settings
3:33 – Membership Site Outline
5:17 – Create Course
7:07 – Payment Software
7:32 – Case Study #1
8:25 – Adding a new lesson
9:01 – Drag & Drop Thrive Arhitect Builder
10:34 -Case Study #2
11:41 – Cover Images
15:00 – Outro

How To Build Your Membership Site From Scratch (Thrive Themes Apprentice For Beginners)

Thrive Apprentice Review 2019 – The Best Online Membership Site Building Solution On The Web

Are you looking to start offering online courses on your website?

Courses can be a great way to sell valuable information from your site, and are a fantastic way to generate leads if you are just beginning.

You should have the best tool / best plugin to host and offer your courses!

Create online courses that actually sell with the Thrive Apprentice WordPress plugin.

Thrive Apprentice is the easiest way to add online courses to your website.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of choosing Thrive Apprentice.

In this thrive themes apprentice review, learn the reasons why you should consider using Thrive Themes Apprentice to host your course with.

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By the end of this video, you might want to cancel your subscription with other providers!

I’ll walk through Thrive Apprentice, and go through some of the newest Thrive Apprentice features they are launching which makes them a serious contender in the space.

Thrive Apprentice is the in-house learning management solution (LMS) that Thrive Themes has created.

An LMS is specifically designed to make the creation and consumption of online courses easier. So it builds the structure of your course page, lesson pages, tracking student completion, etc much more beautiful and practical for your users.

We will dive deep into Thrive Apprentice’s features in this video.

If you want to get up and running quickly with online courses on your WordPress site, there’s no easier option than Thrive Apprentice.

Thrive Apprentice is a beautifully simple LMS.

Some of the features of Thrive Themes Apprentice is you can build unlimited premium online courses, you can make those courses open to all, free for subscribers, or you can also create paid subscription. Thrive Apprentice also have SendOwl integration to protect your content using their or a WordPress Membership plugin.

Thrive Apprentice is perfect course tool for online entrepreneurs or small business people. It’s a simple effective way of communicating valuable information and keeping the learning experience feeling premium for our customers.

Well it looks like Thrive has gone and done it again! They just created the easiest way to add online courses to your website through the thrive themes apprentice.

Thrive Apprentice will work with any WordPress theme! Thrive Themes are designed to work together with the Thrive Apprentice plugin but you can, however, use any other theme.

I hope that by watching this video, you have decided the best course tool / plugin to host your course.

Install the thrive themes apprentice plugin and get started building your first E-Course!
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