Having tried most membership plugins for client sites over the years, MemberPress stands out as a great combination of rich features but easy to use. I’m a big fan of the members’ self-serve dashboard, quick setup, reports, and the automated emails. And the fact that they offer excellent customer support is also a major plus. As a result, we use MemberPress for our own membership site and whilst I don’t believe there is always a ‘one-size fits all’ membership plugin, MemberPress is pretty darn close.
MemberPress is a premium WordPress plugin that works with any WordPress theme. Its primary feature is that it allows you to convert your website into a membership site. By hiding content and setting up membership subscriptions, you can charge visitors to access your posts and pages.
Easy to Set Up. MemberPress is intuitive. This makes it quick and easy to set up and use. Quickly create membership plans and subscription forms, integrate with payment gateways of your choice, add registration and login links to your site’s menu, produce attractive comparison tables, and much more.
Ideal for Beginners and Developers. MemberPress works straight out of the box, with a straightforward setup that makes it ideal for beginners. However, MemberPress also includes a large number of actions and filters. This makes it a great choice for those advanced users who want to customize their membership site to exact specifications.
Membership Plans. MemberPress gives you full control over your membership plans. Choose the price of each membership, add billing preferences, and create a trial period, to name a few options. Then create rules to hide content, and allow certain pieces of content to be displayed on particular membership plans.
Seamless Payment Gateway Integration. MemberPress accepts payments by integrating with all the big payment gateway providers. Choose from Paypal Standard, Pro or Express Checkout, Stripe,, or offline payments. You can also add more than one payment gateway if you wish. Thorough Documentation. The documentation provided with MemberPress is thorough, using a combination of instructional text and video. So if you become stuck, you can quickly re-find your way.
Extra Features. MemberPress boasts a range of other impressive features and functionalities. These include:
How to Install the MemberPress WordPress Plugin
To get started purchase the MemberPress plugin from the MemberPress website. Then, from within your MemberPress account, simply download the plugin to your computer.
Open your WordPress website and select ‘Plugins – Add New’.
Add New Plugins
Click on ‘Upload Plugin – Choose file’, and select the MemberPress plugin from your saved files. Click ‘Install Plugin – Activate’. You will now find ‘MemberPress’ has been added to your WordPress dashboard menu.
Select ‘MemberPress – Activate’. This will take you to the ‘Activation Page’ where you will need to add your activation key. Then select ‘Activate Licence Key’.
Configure the MemberPress Plugin. The next step is to configure your MemberPress plugin. In your WordPress menu select ‘MemberPress – Options’. Here you can configure the plugin to suit your WordPress membership site’s needs.
There are numerous tabs on the ‘Options’ page. Let’s have a look at a few of the most important ones…
Pages. Under ‘Pages’ you can customize your basic MemberPress pages. The ‘Reserved Pages’ are essential pages and must be set. These include the ‘thank you’ page, ‘login’ page and ‘account’ page.
You can select ‘Auto Create New Page’ if you would like MemberPress to automatically create the pages for you. Otherwise, you can design and select your own pages for use from the drop down menu.
Account. The ‘Accounts’ area allows you to customize member information. Here you can select the options you would like for your user’s accounts. You can also add a welcome message for members, that will be displayed at the top of their account page.
Fields. The ‘Fields’ tab will let you create custom fields for your sign up form, and accounts page. Collect information about your members including their name, address, email, birthday, and much more.
Emails. There are an assortment of email types you can send out to your members. Select the ‘Emails’ tab. Then simply choose the email types that will suit your WordPress website. Click on ‘Edit’ to customize each email. Then send a test email to check that each email type is suitable and of a high quality. Here you can also select which email types you would like admin to receive. Once you have configured the ‘Options’, you are ready to get started setting up the rest of your MemberPress site.

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