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WordPress security 2019 is a topic of enormous importance for every WordPress website owner and developer. If you are serious about your WordPress website, then you need to pay attention to the WordPress security best practices. In this Section, I will share all the top WordPress security tips to help you protect your website against hackers, malware and unauthorize file edit of WordPress Core File.
Security is the most difficult part of the WordPress website.
Now I am going to show, how to make 98% secure WordPress website.
Step First :
Change your Default web root or web admin URL using the “WPS Hide Login” plugin.
let’s start.
Go to plugin area and search WPS Hide Login.
install this plugin, it is a best and easy plugin for login URL hide.
Now active this plugin.
Go to the setting menu of WordPress and select WPS hide login.
Go to login URL and change it which you want. My request, please put a difficult word for URL.
Press the save change button.
It is the basic security of the WordPress website.
Let’s check the new U R L for Admin Panel.
first, enter Wp-admin It does not work and enters our new admin U R L.

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Step Two.
Go to Plugin Area and Search New Plugin “Wordfence”.
Install and Active It.
Go to WordPress Dashboard and Go to WordFence plugin.
Go to firewall setting.
go to All firewall option. and go to Rules.
Enable all option.
Go to boot force protection.
press the On Button. Now start Bootforce protection setting.
Lockout after how many login failures. it means how many wrong logins after lock this IP address. I chose only two Times.
Lock Out after how many forget password attempts. it means how many requests to change the password of the website. I chose only one Time to forget the password.
Also, a Count Failures over what time period give a Long time period, I set 1 day.
Amount of time a user is locked out. it means how many time ba lock for unauthorized login attempts. give a long time period I have set 2 months.
check the immediately lock out the invalid username.
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