WordPress Security Bangla Tutorial | How to change WordPress Login URL by Md Faruk Khan

According to the research by Wordfence, one of the most popular blogs on WordPress security blogs, in July of 2017, thirty-five million WordPress CMS users have just been attacked by the Brute Force.

And we all know that WordPress now holds more than 60% market share in the CMS market. Where their closest competitors are Joomla’s 7% market share and less. That is, there is no one on the back of the word of competitiveness to WordPress. So we should think seriously about WordPress website security issues.

Today, you can get clear ideas about how your website can protect your website from hackers and make more secure if you read the whole article.

The amount of time, labor, and money spent on creating a website are worthwhile. And the website is meant to be a hack, but all the hard work has become soil. So you will never want to hack your website to hackers. So let’s not know how to secure the website and save the hackers.

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• Rename WordPress Login URL
• Admin UserName & IP Block Feature
• Avoid using common password.
• Using Two Step Authentication
• Add SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to your website
• WordPress, themes and plugins are updated regularly
• Use Backup plugins


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