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Go To: – The WordPress Crash Course is an intensive, fast paced, online video training program.

You get two solid hours of online video instruction where you watch my computer screen as I build a fully functional, search engine optimized blog.

You’ll be able to watch me every step of the way and pause the video to perform the same action for yourself.

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Currently there are 31 videos in the member’s area and I may add a few more based upon member feedback. I purposely kept each video short, most are under five minutes. This is so you’ll have an easy reference should you need to go back and review a specific task. You can watch a short sample of one of the training videos below.

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I’ve also added a 23 step, quick reference check list for you to refer to after watching the videos. You can print out the list and check off steps as you complete them. This will help you set up your blogs and websites very quickly without missing important steps.
It’s Fast
You Could Have Your First Blog or Website
Up and Running TODAY!

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Other WordPress training courses teach you how to get your blog up and running over a period of weeks. The WordPress Crash Course is presented in a way that will help you get your blog online with all the essential elements and looking great TODAY, even if you are a complete beginner.

I cut out all of the fluff and unnecessary information that you would normally find in other courses. Since it’s a crash course, you’ll learn exactly what you need to know fast and you won’t waste time learning things that you’ll probably never use. I spent over 160 hours making, editing and refining these videos so you could learn everything you need to know in just TWO HOURS!

Free 169 Page WordPress Guide..!!

how to use wordpress guide

Unless you want to be a web designer or developer for a living you won’t need to learn HTML, CSS, PHP or any other codes to build simple blogs and websites.

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A good analogy would be if you just want to learn how to drive a car you don’t need to know how fuel injection works or what the pistons do. Of course, if you wanted to be an auto mechanic you would need to learn those things, but you don’t need to know them to drive the car.

It’s the same with WordPress. If you just want to build and maintain great looking blogs and websites you don’t need to spend weeks or months learning everything there is to know about WordPress.

By the end of this course you will be able to easily build and customize blogs, websites and combo sites all with the amazing WordPress platform. And because we’ll be working with the self-hosted version of WordPress, you will own the site that you build and it will be on your own domain.

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If you build your site on a non-self-hosted platform such as or you run the risk of having your site removed at some point after you’ve put a lot of work into it. I know because it’s happened to me and many of my online marketing friends.
It’s Easy!
Anyone Can Learn to Build Sites Fast!
No Experience Necessary.

The WordPress Crash Course was designed with the complete beginner in mind. I start from square one with purchasing a domain name and hosting and take you every step of the way until you have a finished great looking blog.

The videos are very easy to understand and you won’t have any problem following the steps. There is NO technical talk. You simply watch what I do and listen to my simple explanations and then do it yourself.

For the beginner, it’s much faster and easier to learn and use WordPress to build websites than it would be to learn a design program such as DreamWeaver.


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