How To Create An Online Course Website With WordPress – NEW!

Want to create your own online course website with wordpress? Today, Ill show you how to create your own online course website with wordpress using a free theme and the #1 best LMS plugin for wordpress called LifterLMS

Below are some of the links you will need to get started

Get Hosting:
Download FREE THEME:
30 Days Of LifterLMS plugin for $1:
Download Stripe Payment GateWay:
Get A Logo:

Free 169 Page WordPress Guide..!!

how to use wordpress guide


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Get Hosting 5:30
Install WordPress 10:05
Install WordPress Theme 15:00
Using Elementor 22:29
Getting A Logo 40:50
Theme Customizer 43:40
Contact Form 48:40
Creating Courses 50:26
Lessons And Courses 1:01:57
Creating Quizzes 1:11:40
General Lifterlms settings 1:24:00
Creating Memberships 1:33:38
Stripe Plugin 1:36:24
Settings up Stripe 1:40:00
Checkout 1:48:00

I hope this tutorial tutorial with creating online courses with wordpress was helpful. Lifterlms is one of the best LMS platforms out there and i highly recommend it. Why not add a course platform to your website? its a great way to make passive income and to teach people at the same time

Thanks for watching again and i wish you the best success!
Make sure to visit my website at if you have any questions!

how to create an ecourse with wordpress

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