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Yoast SEO for WordPress training:
This video is part of the Yoast SEO for WordPress training course by Yoast Academy. Take the full course at https://yoa.st/3fv to learn how to best use Yoast SEO in the new WordPress 5.0 block editor. This training is interesting for you if you:

* want to make sure you take full advantage of Yoast SEO in the block editor;
* want your WordPress website to rank higher in Google;
* don’t want to waste time figuring things out yourself;
* want to stay on top of all new features of the Yoast SEO plugin;
* want to learn more about SEO in general

The training features videos, reading materials and quizzes to help you practice actual SEO skills. You’ll receive an official certificate and discounts to our other training courses after completion.

About this video:
In this video, we’ll start by discussing where you can find Yoast SEO in the WordPress backend. The first spot where you can find the Yoast SEO plugin is on the WordPress dashboard. On the dashboard, you’ll see a meta box called ‘Yoast SEO Posts Overview’. This meta box shows you three things:
1. the SEO score of your posts;
2. the Indexability check by Ryte: Ryte analyzes your website in detail and shows you which pages of your site search engines can put into their search results;
3. the latest blog posts on yoast.com.

You can also find the Yoast SEO plugin in the overview of both the posts and pages.

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When you’re editing a page or post, Yoast SEO is also there to help you. You can find Yoast SEO features:
1. in the Yoast SEO meta box below the editor
2. in the internal linking meta box
3. in the Yoast SEO meta box in the sidebar

Another spot where you can find Yoast SEO features is in the admin bar at the top of the WordPress backend. If you hover over the Yoast logo in the top bar, a menu drops down. Through this menu, you can quickly access the configuration wizard, go to tools that help you with your keyword research, or go to the settings of Yoast SEO.

You can also find the settings of the Yoast SEO plugin on the plugin page in the back end. If you click on Yoast SEO in the menu on the left, you’ll see the various aspects in the plugin that you can configure to optimize your SEO, like your General dashboard, Search Appearance, Search Console, Social, Tools, and Redirects.

Finally, in the User panel of the back end, a site admin can determine who gets access to the various settings and features of Yoast SEO. Installing the plugin introduces two new roles to WordPress: SEO editor and SEO Manager.

Yoast Academy:
Yoast Academy is the online learning platform for SEO by the makers of the biggest SEO plugin for WordPress: Yoast SEO. Our online SEO training courses teach you vital SEO skills you can apply at once. We have training courses on keyword research, SEO copywriting, technical SEO, structured data, site structure, our own Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin, and more. They are developed by world class SEOs and education experts trusted by the world’s biggest brands. Whether you’re a blogger, developer, online marketeer, or own a business, big or small: we believe in SEO for everyone. #YoastAcademy #YoastSEO #SEOforWordPress

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